See your internal communications network like never before. Improve the utilization of your time and effort by bringing your telecom information to your desktop and linking telecom equipment data with facility floor plan drawings, and vice-versa.

Do you know where all your data and voice jacks are? Where are all the hubs and routers? Where do the twisted pair wires terminate? In the event of a disaster, do you have sufficient documentation to re-establish your communications system configuration? Let zLinkFM™ Telecom Module help you. The Telecom Module provides you with the ability to effectively manage frequent changes by providing a visual system that will significantly enhance your ability to quickly locate and troubleshoot lines, jacks, modems, routers, switch systems, etc.

  • Easily link Telecommunications Equipment with Physical Space

  • Plan Telecommunication moves in sync with Employee moves

  • Control access as needed

  • Generate detail reports