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zLinkFM provides a ready-to-use Street, Road, and Bridge Management solutions tailored to City and County needs.

zLinkFM is a powerful solution designed to revolutionize road and bridge management by providing comprehensive tools and insights. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, zLinkFM helps organizations gain a deeper understanding of current conditions, prioritize maintenance and improvements, and effectively manage assets throughout their lifecycle. By accessing data quickly and making informed decisions, road safety can be improved, and infrastructure performance can be optimized. With zLinkFM, you can effortlessly track work, materials, and labor costs, visualize inventory and performance using the built-in GIS map, and generate vital reports for accurate project management. Experience the transformative capabilities of zLinkFM and take your road and bridge management to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

zLinkFM helps you:

  •  Access data quickly and make informed decisions to improve road safety
  • Prioritize road and bridge maintenance and improvements
  • Produce important job costing reports
  • Track work performed on assets
  • Manage labor, equipment, materials and tasks completed
  • Track work, materials, and labor costs
  • Monitor conditions to quickly see asset performance over its lifetime.
  • Easily track, and predict, project management cost
  • Visualize inventory and performance with built-in GIS maps