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Reduce Maintenance Costs and Maintenance Risks with zLinkFM

Recognize and reduce maintenance costs and maintenance risks before working conditions become unsafe and costs spirals out of control. Use one system and eliminate manual procedures to support key business processes.  Improve business processes, gain efficiencies, simplify and standardize use of systems, and enable your staff to track and manage infrastructure assets, service requests, work orders, preventive maintenance, inspection reports, and citizen concerns at a desk and in the field.

zLinkFM gives you powerful tools to streamline operations and improve efficiency:

  • Track, communicate, and control maintenance costs and activities
  • Simplify inspection rounds by verifying safety checks as they are completed in real-time
  • Trigger work orders automatically
  • Build custom preventive maintenance work orders
  • Utility asset management for electric grid and substation asset management
  • Easily access work order history for any asset
  • Comprehensive and fully integrated web-based software

zLinkFM improves your utility asset management and condition-based maintenance to optimize equipment life.

The system is flexible enough to be used by multiple departments to manage a variety of asset types. The system facilitates:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Work Order Management
  • GIS-based asset inventories
  • Tracking of asset costs, maintenance costs, and historic data
  • Flexible Reporting functionality
  • Mobile access for field staff to use via laptop, smart phone, tablet, or dedicated device.

Everything your staff needs is at their fingertips—wherever work takes them.