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zLink, Inc. has a suite of products which address various requirements of customers to manage and maintain their facility in a comprehensive and efficient way. We enable our customers to improve their organizational efficiency and decision effectiveness regarding the life cycle management of their Facility and Linear Capital Assets, Maintenance, Work Space Utilization, Real Estate Portfolio, Condition Assessment, Facility Inspection and Costs.


The zLinkFM™ CAFM/IWMS/CMMS platform technology tightly couples As-Built architectural plans and various other building systems infrastructure (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.) drawings with functional databases to provide a space-centric view of all facility information.

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zVerfy™ is an inspection platform for Building Management Systems (BMS) and for facilities on-site inspections that has a Mobile Web-enabled Inspection application. Technicians who are inspecting use Smartphones or Tablets that have the zVerfy™ application installed

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zLink’s approach to building a Condition Assessment solution is to incorporate the client’s requirements in a platform that can support the Condition Assessment data collection, integration with the client’s existing systems, and inputs to their Capital Planning and projects development.

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Our zDataCenter™ platform offers a new and unique holistic approach to managing Data Centers with parallel considerations for the FM infrastructure and the IT architecture.The zDataCenter™ platform draws upon our long experience in developing CAD based FM systems

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zLinkAM™ Keep track of thousands of facilities assets and the associated data, as well as where they are located. zLinkAM™ enables organizations to link assets to AutoCAD floor plans to identify the location and can attach various data fields as part of the asset inventory. zLinkAM™ also supports linking of warranties,

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zLinkRes™ enables employees to reserve Workspaces, Meeting Rooms or Equipment based on their availability. zLinkRes™ also has a user friendly mobile extension which can run on any mobile platform through which the employees can make new reservations or check-in/check-out existing reservations.

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