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zLink approach to Facilities Infrastructure Support Services centers on developing the facility infrastructure capability and management systems. Our approach reflects an understanding of the customer business requirements. It applies the basic principles of the SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to infrastructure management: 1) Configuration Management to track hardware/software assets; 2) Requirements Management to determine infrastructure needs for new applications; and 3) Quality Assurance to define procedures and checklists that facilitate cross training of support staff. We implement new automated and web-based solutions for managing the inventory and distribution of network management information.Our facilities services comprise two major elements:

Facility Infrastructure Management

Facility Architecture Evolution Approach – To define network enhancements, zLink will:

Our development approach is based on rapid prototyping process and elements of the Structured Development Life Cycle (SDLC)-primarily used on large-scale system developments. The process is designed to ensure that all requests for software are documented and includes the following steps:

  • Document current assets and architecture

  • Evaluate user requirements, plans, and emerging technologies

  • Develop architecture enhancements to serve as a roadmap for development efforts and

  • Implement the architecture based on defined priorities and budget constraints


  • Facility Security – Our Information System Security (ISS) approach relies on an integrated Security Plan that enumerates network security operating procedures and identifies network security priorities on the basis of risk and certification and accreditation requirements.

  • Facility Management Approach – Our approach to facility management is based on:

  • Proactive Fault Detection – occurs through a modular network management system. Each module focuses on a major element of the total network (LAN, WAN, Web Server, VPN etc.).

  • Knowledge Based Troubleshooting – Equires directing alarm messages to the Helpdesk. We develop troubleshooting lists and procedures for Helpdesk personnel based on a knowledge database of previously reported faults.

  • Integrated Fault Correction and Resolution – involves coordination with the customer staff to correct problems.

Help Desk Support Approach

zLink recognizes that a responsive Helpdesk is the key element of Desktop support services. To create this environment, we

  • channel all user service requests directly to the Helpdesk

  • create a knowledge database, including self-help functions, to render Helpdesk services more responsive

  • document procedures for Helpdesk response to a spectrum of infrastructure problems