As a facility manager, you manage projects of all sizes, ranging from changing a door to multi-million dollar new construction projects. They all involve numerous drawings and documents. They need to be reviewed by your project team members and often by professionals outside your organization. You want to keep track of your projects progress and take corrective actions if it does not progress as expected.

You want to maintain an accurate record of all actions associated with the project. zLinkFM™ Project Module offers these functions and more. Like all other modules in zLinkFM™, Project Module was designed with the facility managers needs in mind. Most facilities departments are short handed; they cannot afford extensive technical resources to manage projects. Let zLinkFM™ Project Module give you a helping hand.

  • Share project related drawings and documents

  • On-line mark-ups and reviews by project team members

  • Organize projects into micro-tasks and track them

  • Automatic Logbook

  • Multi-user project notebook