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zVerfy™ is an inspection platform for Building Management Systems (BMS) and for facilities on-site inspections that has a Mobile Web-enabled Inspection application. Technicians who are inspecting use Smartphones or Tablets that have the zVerfy™ application installed on their mobile devices to access a web site and perform, record, troubleshoot and save the inspection test results and remarks on the host server.

The Inspection App provides extensive Administration and Reporting Functions to:
  • Create and Schedule Inspections Contracts.

  • Store Inspection results for number of inspection cycles in accordance to end Client Policies.

  • Create custom “Inspections Report” in compliance to applicable Regulations and client Facilities Management Policies.

  • Create Dashboard templates based on Key Performance Indicators to generate Dashboard Analytics that support Decision Making and identify needed corrective actions.

The solution enables real-time inspections using any mobile device providing visualization of inspected components and recording inspection results dynamically. The Inspection Reports are internet accessible by clients at any-time and are designed to assist Facilities Management staff in planning and improving the operation and maintenance of their Facilities critical infrastructure and capital assets.

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