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Maintenance Management Software for Parks and Recreation

zLinkFM is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that helps parks and recreation organizations better manage their operations.  Our integrated software allows for seamless workflow from task creation to completion—automating your work plan, tracking inventory, creating and managing work orders, and generating custom reports.

Coupling your parks and recreation data with architectural floor plans and GIS maps allows accurate management metrics, increased operational efficiency, and easy visualization of asset and equipment location. With zLinkFM you can:

  • Automate & streamline your work order process
  • Easily track assets and tasks
  • Quickly locate bar codes, maintenance history, and equipment location
  • Identify missing/misplaced assets and equipment
  • Manage and track cost breakdowns (e.g. usage and depreciation)
  • Include photos of equipment, documentation, warranty, GIS location, and any unique identifier
  • Have fast wireless mobile access for inventory, repair, and tracking

Streamline workflows and easily track the cost—zLinkFM gives you the tools and flexibility to manage the expected, and unexpected, challenges of running your beautiful parks year-round. Whether you’re looking to manage one asset type or a sprawling park district network, zLinkFM is tailored to your organization’s needs.