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zLink, Inc. – a pioneer since 1987 in providing Facility Management Software based on emerging technologies, technical support, and implementation services and solutions. We pioneered the way in offering Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode where the clients can, without maintaining the hardware and associated costs, take advantage of the software owned and operated by the software provider.

Over many years of implementing FM solutions, we have sharpened and optimized our practices to provide optimal combination of operational flexibility, know-how, resources, and leading software to customers. Our staff expertise and technical approach, combined with our software products and services, provide our customers with high value as measured by our on-time delivery of our solutions, easily customizable workflow-based processes to support customer re-engineered business practices, no need for CAD tools or experts, fast data migration and implementation, and post implementation support services.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Offerings:

zLink designs, engineers, maintains and licenses four COTS software products – zLinkFM™, zCAS™, zVerfy™, zLinkRes™ and zDataCenter™.

  • zLinkFM™ consists of over twenty five software components each addressing a specific business function and process of the Life Cycle Management of Capital Assets and Facilities/Work Place (CAFM/IWMS). It is an integrated web-based enterprise platform that tightly couples drawings and databases to support mission critical space-centered applications. It allows authorized users to store, share, view drawings, space, assets, related costs, leases and contracts, occupancy, life safety, employees, condition of facility components, capital planning and other operational data using only an internet browser to perform business analysis and make effective decisions.

  • zCAS™ is a Building Condition Assessment System used to conduct condition assessment surveys of facilities. It comprises two major components – mobile apps for collecting deficiency data and a Web App for data analysis to support Capital Planning and Maintenance Budgets. The mobile app uploads data to zCAS™ as it is being collected to be reviewed and checked online. The system provides real-time inputs to Capital Planning Process fundamentally improving the efficiency of conducting assessments and facilitating executive level decision making.

  • zVerfy™ is an inspection platform for Building Management Systems (BMS) and for facilities on-site inspections that has a Mobile Web-enabled Inspection application. Inspecting technicians use Smartphones or Tablets that have the zVerfy™ application installed on their mobile devices to access a web site and perform, record, troubleshoot and save the inspection test results and remarks on the host server.

  • zLinkRes™ helps organizations to manage seats and meeting room booking effectively.

  • zDataCenter™ Modules support Datacenter Space Management, Power Distribution and Consumption, and Infrastructure.

Details about zLinkFM™, zCAS™, zVerfy™, zLinkRes™ and zDataCenter™ can be found within our web-site and demos can be arranged.