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zLink, Inc. – a pioneer since 1987 in providing Facility and Asset Management Software based on emerging technologies, technical support, and implementation services and solutions. We pioneered the way in offering Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode where the clients can, without maintaining the hardware and associated costs, take advantage of the software owned and operated by the software provider.

Over many years of implementing software solutions, we have sharpened and optimized our practices to provide optimal combination of operational flexibility, know-how, resources, and leading software to customers. Our staff expertise and technical approach, combined with our software products and services, provide our customers with high value as measured by our on-time delivery of our solutions, easily customizable workflow-based processes to support customer re-engineered business practices, no need for CAD tools or experts, fast data migration and implementation, and post implementation support services.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Offerings:

zLink designs, engineers, maintains and licenses six COTS software products – zLinkFM™, zCAS™, zLinkRes™, zLinkAM™, zVerfy™ and zDataCenter™.

  • zLinkFM™ CAFM/IWMS/CMMS platform technology tightly couples As-Built architectural plans, various building systems infrastructure plans (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.), and GIS maps with functional databases to provide a space-centric view of all Vertical Assets (buildings and structures) and Linear Asset (Pavements, Bridges, Culverts, Parks and Utilities etc.) information.

  • zCAS™ is a Building Condition Assessment System used to conduct condition assessment surveys of facilities. It comprises two major components – mobile apps for collecting deficiency data and a Web App for data analysis to support Capital Planning and Maintenance Budgets. The mobile app uploads data to zCAS™ as it is being collected to be reviewed and checked online. The system provides real-time inputs to Capital Planning Process fundamentally improving the efficiency of conducting assessments and facilitating executive level decision making.

  • zLinkRes™ helps organizations to manage seats and meeting room booking effectively. Enables employees to reserve Workspaces, Meeting Rooms, or Equipment based on their availability.

  • zLinkAM™ is a comprehensive tool to manage your facility assets where you can link them to AutoCAD floor plans and GIS maps for easy location tracking and can attach various information such as warranties, life cycle, maintenance, and much more.

  • zVerfy™ is an inspection platform for Building Management Systems (BMS) and for facilities on-site inspections that has a Mobile Web-enabled Inspection application. Inspecting technicians use Smartphones or Tablets that have the zVerfy™ application installed on their mobile devices to access a web site and perform, record, troubleshoot and save the inspection test results and remarks on the host server.

  • zDataCenter™ Modules support Datacenter Space Management, Power Distribution, and Consumption, and Infrastructure.

Details about zLinkFM, zCAS, zLinkAM, zLinkRes, zVerfy, and zDataCenter can be found within our web-site and demos can be arranged.

Technology Roadmap

zLink invests in Product improvements based on market demand and on R&D to address emerging technological improvements.  Over the past several years we have focused on addressing the following with highest priority on Security and Mobile technologies to ensure secure and high reliability of user access to their systems over the internet:

  • Systems Security (i.e., Data Access and Unauthorized Use) to incorporate the best Cyber Security methods and practices for securing the clients data and also to make sure we incorporate the most advance methods in our engineering practices. This is essential as we serve both Government and major international clients who demand the best practices and technologies to counter cyber security threats.

  • Mobile Technologies zLink incorporates Mobile technologies to enable users to interact with their zLinkFM™ based solution “anytime from anywhere”, facilitate real-time collaboration with their peers and manage /use / operate their facilities optimally. We are committed to the use of mobile technologies and presently zLinkFM™ components are fully enabled to all mobile devices based on iOS and Android OS using any web browser.

  • BIM Models bidirectional transformation and use with 2D CAD to create 2D CAD drawings for maintenance and Facilities Management use, and reverse generate BIM Models (3D CAD) from 2D CAD drawings. The ability to maintain the construction design data while using the 2D architectural drawings for facilities operations management, space management, employee assignments, cost management etc. is essential to ensuring and providing a single integrated system environment to improve productivity and reduce operating costs across all business functions involved in management and maintenance of facilities, Space management and security, operating costs of facilities, and forecasting (need and cost).

  • Virtual Reality use for Inspections of Fire Alarms, Security, Fire Suppression and Maintenance. It will enable integrated solutions for connectivity of Facilities “Back-end Management Systems” with decision support and monitoring systems including all Fire Life Safety panels to improve operating efficiencies, reliability, compliance to Regulations and proactive maintenance.

  • Sustainability and Consumables to automatically integrate and track consumption of power, water, oil and recycling of disposables and materials. zLink has developed Web-based Sustainability software that details energy use within a facility to enable increased energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, lower operating costs and proactive preventive maintenance to increase equipment sustainability. The Sustainability component combines sub-metering hardware, facility architectural as-built plans, and analytical, user-friendly, web-based software providing real-time insight into energy consumption patterns.

  • Real-time Security it is an evolutionary step from our current Security functionality that maintains records about Physical Security Assets (e.g., Keys, Locks and Combinations, Service Providers, Secure Facilities Data, etc.) to real-time interactive interface with Tracking / Monitoring and Logging Access to all areas by staff and visitors and automatically restrict access based on established authorization encoded on Employee / Visitor tags using RFID or Sensors.