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Visualize Linear Asset locations- highways, roads, railways tracks, utilities, pipelines, and powerlines accurately depicted and integrated with mapping systems to visualize physical location.Correlate a map location (GIS) with data for real estate management.The system tightly couples drawings, documents, data, and GIS related information to facilitate the management and maintenance of all asset types:

  • Facilities

  • Roads

  • Bridges

  • Fleets

Use spatial GIS context for locating the infrastructure assets such as roads and drainage systems. Integrate assets, inventory, work orders, GIS mapping, and capital planning – tracking information across multiple sites and campuses.

  • Assets and related data displayed in GIS Maps

  • Buildings and Linear Assets linked to GIS Maps

  • Map based location of Linear Asset related Work Orders

  • Mark areason a map; attach photographs and other attributes

  • Easy pavement and roadway management

  • Manage Right of Way related information

  • Integrate engineering drawings, models, infrastructure, GIS, and corporate databases

zLink’s GIS integration enables location-specific asset data. Linear assets linked to physical location provides a wide variety of more meaningful reports. GIS Mapping allows for easy, frequent updating, resulting in more accurate asset documentation and reporting.


zLinkFM provides a broad set of technology functions based on integration with industry standard mapping applications such ESRI ArcGIS, Open System Maps, and GPS Insight for fleet location.

  • Linear referencing system using map layers

  • Satellite and street views of assets

  • Definition of Linear Assets on GIS maps – such as road and utility segments

  • Tightly coupled maps and assets for GIS based Work Orders and Service Requests

  • Flexible GIS object searches

zLinkFM GIS Interface