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Sustainability Statement

  • Waste Reduction Practices At zLink, we embrace a mobile-first approach not only in our software development but also in our office operations. Our staff conducts document reviews, edits, and sharing digitally to minimize paper usage. On the rare occasions where printing is necessary, both sides of the paper are utilized for printing, copying, and note-taking. We have transitioned to e-fax services to eliminate paper usage in fax communications. Our commitment to sustainability extends to using electronic data storage and conducting electronic transactions, including purchasing and payroll. Any paper waste generated is securely shredded and responsibly recycled, and we exclusively use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

  • Energy Efficiency Initiatives We are conscious of our energy consumption and take steps to reduce it wherever possible. Lights and electrical equipment are turned off when not in use, and natural sunlight is utilized to brighten our workspaces. Our offices are equipped with programmable thermostats that automatically adjust temperatures based on occupancy, enhancing our energy efficiency. Additionally, regular maintenance of air filters ensures optimal performance of our heating and cooling systems.

  • Water Conservation Efforts In our office, the use of water coolers has been discontinued to promote water conservation. Instead, staff members are encouraged to use reusable water bottles, further reducing our environmental footprint.

  • Encouraging Sustainable Practices Among Staff zLink fosters a culture of sustainability by providing reusable dishes, mugs, and flatware to discourage the use of disposable paper products. We actively promote recycling and have strategically located our office to enable staff living nearby to walk to work. Remote work capabilities are supported to reduce commuting, and we encourage holding meetings and demonstrations online.

  • Educational Commitment We ensure that all employees are well-informed about our sustainability practices. Staff members are continually encouraged to adopt a paperless working environment, aligning with our core values of reducing environmental impact.

Through these measures, zLink remains committed to upholding the highest standards of environmental stewardship.