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Our zDataCenter™ platform offers a new and unique holistic approach to managing Data Centers with parallel considerations for the FM infrastructure and the IT architecture. The zDataCenter™ platform draws upon our long experience in developing CAD based FM systems that are extended to 3-D models to include data center infrastructures of racks, cages, and power systems to host IT systems and applications in an integrated environment.

Data Centers are not just a repository of data bases and applications, they are “manufacturing plants” that require a robust Facility Management (FM) infrastructure to support the complex IT systems architectures. They need continuous maintenance and upgrades to deal with new demands for end-user services. This may include increased cooling capacity that enables new high density technologies, and redundant power supplies to ensure that services are sustained in unforeseen events. They must do all these without any downtime or disruption to the utility services to its customers.

zDataCenter™, is designed to facilitate integrated processes for information technology infrastructure and facilities management in an easy to use, drawings-centered, web browser environment.

The complexity and size of Data Centers is increasing. The art and science of managing such complex “plant” to ensure a profitable utility service is a high priority. Effective management of Data Centers starts from knowing, tracking and managing the impact of the cost drivers. Motivation to lower costs is to enhance the value and efficiency in delivering computing utility services.

zDataCenter™ offers a unique system to track and manage the key data center cost drivers:
  • Floor space utilization which directly impacts the size of Data Center and related costs.

  • Rack space utilization which impacts Data Center life and IT efficiency.

  • Power consumption – a contributor to overall operations costs.

We are pleased to share our experience with you, through the zDataCenter™ platform that helps you launch a new paradigm in Data Center management that integrates facility and IT.

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