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Keep track of thousands of facilities assets and the associated data, as well as where they are located. zLinkAM™ enables organizations to link assets to AutoCAD floor plans to identify the location and you can attach various data fields as part of the asset inventory.

zLinkAM™ also supports linking of warranties, maintenance schedules and manuals, and various life cycle attributes viz. depreciated cost and replacement cost as part of the assets. Asset management includes all movable (except furniture) and fixed assets.  Movable assets generally comprise business use equipment and machinery, information technology assets and other employee or common use related assets.  Fixed assets include life safety systems, large capital equipment and infrastructure assets related to major facility systems.  Mechanical equipment such as air handling units, pumps, and motors; electrical components such as panels, transformers, and generators; and plumbing shut off valves are easily located and tracked for their performance and relationship with other components.

Linear Assets shows the horizontal asset related functionality to accurately depict highways, roads, railways tracks, utilities, pipelines or powerlines with their length directly impacting their maintenance. All these assets are integrated with mapping systems to visualize physical location.

 Features of zLinkAM™
  • Fixed and moveable assets including IT equipment

  • All assets located on floor plans

  • Tightly coupled data related to acquisition date, costs and depreciation

  • Integration with financial and preventive maintenance functions

  • Life cycle tracking from acquisition to disposition

  • GIS integration / Mapping

zLinkAM™ enables location-specific asset data.  Assets linked to drawings provide a wide variety of more meaningful reports.
Safety and compliance issues mandate good documentation.  zLinkAM™ allows for easy, frequent updating, resulting in more accurate asset documentation and reporting.

zLinkFM Application Interface