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zLink, Inc. has been providing Facility, Asset, and Maintenance Management Software based on emerging technologies, technical support, and implementation services and solutions for over 20 years. We focus our efforts on innovative solutions based on a new class of software to address the optimal use and management of facilities infrastructure. We offer Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), Asset Management Systems (AMS), and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode where the clients can, without maintaining the hardware and associated costs, take advantage of the software owned and operated by the software provider. In addition, all solutions are also available for On-Premise implementation.

All information is accessible in a single integrated platform to provide an enterprise-wide collaboration environment.

Space-centric web-based software solutions for Vertical assets (Buildings and structures) are tightly coupled with facility CAD drawings and BIM models. Linear Assets (Pavements, Bridges, Culverts, Parks and Utilities etc.) are tightly coupled with GIS objects to provide spatial orientation.

Our software platform, zLinkFM™, provides a simple to use secure Web-based User Interface (UI) and a visual User Experience (UX) that allows managing all corporate assets resources in a spatial context. zLinkFM™ facilitates a variety of solutions that include:

  • Space Management

  • Integrated Asset Inventory

  • Work Order and Preventive Maintenance Management

  • Capital Asset Planning and Management

  • Linear Asset and Utility Systems Management

  • Building Condition Assessment

  • Energy Management

  • Scheduling / Hoteling

  • Managing Land, Parks, and Easements.

The zLinkFM™ platform is based on the premise that asset drawings and GIS markers are the core of all asset related information. They best define the footprint of the asset and the spatial context for locating the entire physical breakdown structure (PBS) of the infrastructure. In addition, they provide the basis for information required by virtually all corporate functions. zLink provides a technology platform to facilitate Asset and Facility Management solutions that are ‘drawing and space centric’. Drawings, GIS maps, and database files are tightly coupled and accessed through an Internet browser interface. The system can be implemented on a corporate Intranet or as an Internet hosted solution. The value proposition of the system is the ease of user access based on the familiar browser interface and an information perspective based on an intuitive relationship to asset location.

In addition, the system supports drawing and map-centered user collaboration, enterprise-wide exchange of asset drawings and data, and on-demand access to asset information on Android tablets, iPads, and all mobile devices. The solution is a fully secure cloud based single sign-on system.

Added Value:

  • Track Record of implementing solutions using an integrated “Life Cycle” management process

  • Ability to organically execute every aspect of the solution requirements based on our zLinkFM™ Software platform including: customization to ensure full inclusion of all requirements, implementation, training, and post implementation support

  • Over twenty-five years’ experience supporting our clients zLinkFM™ installed solutions

We enable our customers to improve their organizational efficiency and decision effectiveness regarding the life cycle management of their Capital Assets, Facilities Maintenance, Work Space Utilization, Real Estate Portfolio and Costs.

Our services also include complete CAD ‘as-built’ drawing services, field verifications, drawing update services, and facilities information database development services (linked with facilities drawings).

zLink brings a unique capability to organically provide the software platform and ALL services required for a successful implementation.