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zLink provides tools for federal agencies to improve the life cycle of real property maintenance, use and management of their facilities making building processes and infrastructures more efficient, more productive, more responsive, and fiscally responsible through:

  • State-of-the-Art property management that integrates Space, Facility, and Land Management.

  • Maintenance capability to integrate the needs of service requestors and service providers.

  • Capital Planning capability to rapidly determine maintenance and capital costs for various projects to establish policy priorities and meet budget constraints.

  • Providing a single source of information for all facility documents.

Executive orders have required executive branch agencies to establish asset management plans, measure performance, and prioritize actions to ensure the effective management of federal property assets through their entire facility lifecycle. zLink, Inc. has continued to help Government Agencies consolidate their Design Drawings and Documents, infrastructure systems, assets maintenance and Capital Planning, and lease management into a fully integrated system that will empower their staff with agile and innovative features to improve operational efficiencies and accomplish their mission.