zLink’s approach to building a Condition Assessment solution is to incorporate the client’s requirements in a platform that can support the Condition Assessment data collection, integration with the client’s existing systems, and inputs to their Capital Planning and projects development. It also allows the client’s various functions to share a common information base. A major benefit of this approach is that various information bases are cumulative and marginal new efforts can yield big payoffs in supporting new business requirements resulting in a leveraged ROI. The client gains operational insight on current conditions and deficiencies related to the facilities building infrastructure to facilitate capital planning for improvement projects, prevention of liability, and promotion of safety.

The Condition Assessment development focuses on the following key areas:
  • Inspection Scheduling

  • Condition Assessment Data Collection

  • Management and QA of inspection data

  • Integration with existing systems; and

  • Capital Planning and Management Reporting

The zCAS™ system provides an integrated, easy-to-use user interface to all of these functions. The functional capability is distributed in a web-based application and hand-held mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to facilitate the inspection processes.

Capital Asset/Condition Assessment Solution Components
  • Administration
  • As-Builts
  • Asset Management

  • Condition Assessment
  • Projects Management
  • Space Management
  • Mobile Platform
  • Web Services
  • System Administration

*Note that zLink Business Solutions are customizable and modules can vary to accommodate the individual client needs.

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