zLinkFM™ incorporates an Active Reports Framework that enables users to quickly define the data and report formats they need. It supports export of data to XLSX, PDF, RFT, DWG, TXT etc. Any type of files can be kept in the system as attachments and can be accessed and viewed by the user using the system’s web-based I/O GUI functions. All IWMS users can use Active Reports Framework to define the reports they need for Performance Tracking and Business Analytics, and general add-hock reporting.

Standard and unique Dashboards are created by defining the data sets which are considered to provide meaningful summary of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as to the range of work tasks whose performance / status measures specific business functions / organization Performance over a time period – for example:

  • Maintenance KPI may be the “Work Orders Competed vs. Planned in a Time Period.”

  • Space Management KPI may be “Total Space Assignment by Organization”, Occupancy Trend Analysis.

  • Sustainability KPI may be “Quarterly Volume and Cost of Consumables” and Vs. “Prior Year Quarter.”