Provide super-user privileges to the System Administrator for their zLinkFM™ environment. System Administrator provides zLinkFM™end-users with Log-in IDs and Passwords, adds, deletes, updates end-user information, sets Account Expiration dates for end-users, enforces access policies and oversees data security. The Systems Administrator has the options to configure Users, Sites, Buildings and Floors, and tools for managing the user’s access and facility information.
The Systems Administration component allows managing enterprise-wide access through designated points of responsibility. The system enables control structures and user hierarchies for managing access to data and establishing privileges for editing data at different organizational levels. Examples include a Project Manager, who can act as the single point of control for updated drawing in the baseline database. Specific user access can be controlled at various organizational, functional, drawing or data level. In addition, the system can maintain a log of all project related transactions to provide a project history.