Corporate Managers acknowledge the need to monitor and track the effective use and cost associated with real estate space, typically their single largest physical asset.

They want to know how to allocate and optimize space among many departments and do accurate cost accounting. They want to know where vacant spaces are and how they can make moves and changes with minimal loss of productivity. Remodeling and designing projects require square footage measurements before they can be planned and priced. Federal grants and contracts require square footage reporting to itemized cost. zLinkFM™ offers the best solution in the industry to meet these needs and more by helping to solve the most intractable problems faced by facility planner and managers today.

  • Accurate space accounting

  • Effective cost charge-backs

  • Space utilization maps that facilitate planning

  • Dynamic space reallocation

  • User driven space reporting

  • Space data integration with ERP applications

  • Analysis of space utilizations trends