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zLink, Inc. case studies amplify the dimension of innovative solutions developed for clients. These case studies illustrate the very different challenges that confront clients at different levels of development and offer examples of successful solutions.

The following case studies show zLink solutions for a variety of challenges.

Conditions Assessment System (zCAS™)

Conducted requirements analysis, designed and developed a Condition Assessment App to allow inspectors to collect building condition deficiency data. The app uploads data to zCAS™ as it is being collected to be reviewed and checked online. The system provides real-time inputs to Capital Planning Process.

Inspection Software (zVerfy™)

Implemented new mobile applications for integration of BMS technology, Fire Alarms and Safety equipment / assets. Design and development of fire life safety inspection software that allows technicians to walk around a building and test the fire life safety devices. The solution enables real-time inspections using tablets and smart phones providing visualization of inspected components and recording inspection results dynamically. Compliance Reports are automatically produced and internet accessible by client to improve the operations and maintenance of these critical infrastructure assets of their facilities. The system currently supports over 500 concurrent users which include Branch operations and sales, field engineers planning and performing Inspections and Assessments for over 10000 facilities in USA and Canada.

Facility management software solutions(zLinkFM™)

zLinkFM™ implemented facility management software solutions provide full integration of business process and data‑enabling clients to eliminate redundant practices and systems, reduce IT Cost, improve accuracy of information, and improve overall client organizational efficiencies and services.