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zLink onsite support services provide our customers specific skills to supplement internal staff on particular development projects. Indus staff integrates seamlessly with the onsite development team, which may include Government and other contractor staff. Our onsite development experience includes providing development team leadership – both managerial and technical, analysis and design, and hands-on programming skills.

Key Characteristics

Our onsite support services are differentiated by our ability to:

  • Integrate domain knowledge within new applications

  • Develop expertise in key technologies

  • Manage changing business environment

Onsite Services

zLink experience covers a broad understanding of customer technologies, processes, and requirements. Our onsite services include:

  • Migration of mission critical systems to web infrastructure

  • Integrated database design and development

  • Applications development to enhance functional capability

  • Systems analysis, systems engineering, design, test, integration, and training

  • Installation, and maintenance support