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Our Facility Management Software solution tightly couples As-Built architectural plans and various other building systems infrastructure (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.) drawings with functional databases to provide a space-centric view of all facility information.

The zLinkFM™ platform facilitates a variety of solutions composed of software components that are designed to facilitate major facility management functions including:


Store and make available as-built drawings, provide drawing mark-ups, and manage revision control.

Assets Management

Manage, view and track physical assets with reference to facilities layout.

Capital Assets Inventory

Automates the process of generating Capital Assets Inventory (CAI) reports and maintains the data for future use.

Capital Planning

Streamlines capital budgeting and improves allocation. Capture, analyze, and approve capital requests for better budget visibility.

Construction Management

Manage construction projects in real time.

Documents Management

Organize and store all non-CAD documents.


Document and manage electrical circuits, panels and components in a building.

Employee Management

Manage and organize employee and department moves, planning and space usage.

Energy Management

Real time energy management

Executive Summary

Provides a dash board that displays how building assets are performing.

Facility Condition Assessment

Compile and manage a comprehensive database on the physical condition of your buildings.

Fire Life Safety (FLS)

Integration and maintenance of Fire Life Safety systems.

Fleet Management

Identifies, manages, and maintains all mobile assets used in the construction and maintenance of managed transportation infrastructure.

Furniture Management

Track, view, report and manage key pieces of furniture with reference to facility layout.

Inventory Management

Provides all necessary functionalities to manage and maintain inventory requirements.

Key Management

Manages the administration, distribution, location, and storage of keys.

Linear Assets

Captures and tracks all the information regarding roads, stormwater, parks, waste water, etc.

Maintenance Management

Provides extensive support for all on demand and preventive maintenance functions.


Incorporates the drawings, technical specifications, maintenance history, costs, and parts inventory of the physical infrastructure.

Medical Gas

Easily document, manage and maintain all medical gas components.

Mobile Platform

Provides a physical synchronization link between the desktop zLinkFM™ application and the handheld device running zLinkFM™.


Manage and maintain plumbing components; easily identify the outlets and the valves that control these outlets.


Sets user preferences.

Project Management

Track and manage re-modeling and other projects.

Real Property Management

Provides extensive capability to plan, manage, and track the performance of a real property portfolio.


Provides both out-of-the-box reports and custom reports.

Scheduling and Hoteling

Manages the planning, scheduling, and tracking that is involved with reserving meeting rooms and office space.

Security Assets

Manages the life cycle of security assets.

Space Management

Manage and report on detailed allocation and use of space among organizational entities.


Monitors and tracks energy consumption through intelligent sub-metering.

Systems Administration

Provides for client administration of the zLinkFM™ system history


Manage telecom equipment locations in a spatial context and reports on their characteristics.

Work Order

Manage unscheduled and preventive maintenance work orders.

Web Services

A software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network