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Manage and meet all of your water and wastewater management needs with zLinkFM

Track water samples, produce Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs), and ensure all water and wastewater compliance.

Proactively Maintain Your Water Assets with zLinkFM:

  • Water lifecycle management, consumption trends, and external conditions monitoring
  • Pin-point the location of your assets
  • Mobile apps with intuitive UI/UX controls, notifications, and alerts.
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Equipment performance monitoring
  • Role-based access features, customized dashboards, and resource tools.
  • Easily access asset history records and warranties

Scheduling maintenance saves costs by preventing breakage and repairs. Keep your water systems inspections up-to-date, meet regulatory requirements, and prolong the life of your water assets.  With zLinkFM’s mapping, you can see your asset coordinates on a GIS map for the quickest route for inspections and repairs.

zLinkFM Water System improves your productivity by:

  • Tracking and maintaining your asset inventory
  • Scheduling and recording maintenance
  • Using GIS data to locate assets
  • Maintaining maintenance and warranty history
  • Generating reports for improving decisions on repairs, replacements, and budgeting