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zLink’s approach to building a comprehensive platform that can support efficient and intuitive Space Utilization Management integrating Client’s corporate-wide functions in a common environment is based on a model that captures the entire Integrated Facility Life Cycle (IFLC). This allows including facilities operations, utilization, and planning and Capital Budgeting capabilities in an integrated environment based on a common database of facilities data. It also allows the various corporate functions to share a common information base related to the largest corporate assets.

Our Space Utilization Management solution provides integrated and yet readily extensible end-user capability for a “unified” view of Space, Assets, and As-Built drawings. It supports Technical Services for Facilities Maintenance, Lease Management, Track Projects Progress, and much more. The implemented configuration of the selected zLinkFM™ modules supports multiple business functions including Planning, Space Management, Preventive Maintenance/Work Order, Employee Moves, Property/Lease Management, and Facilities Infrastructure Asset Management. The implemented solution will seamlessly interface and exchange data with other corporate and third party systems including Financials.

zLink’s Space Utilization solution is based on a configuration of these zLinkFM™ Modules:

Space Management solution
  • Space Management
  • Employee
  • Furniture
  • Real Property
  • Web Services
  • Administration Module
  • Executive Summary
  • User Preferences

*Note that zLink, Inc. Business Solutions are customizable and modules can vary to accommodate the individual client needs.
Details about the individual Modules can be found by clicking on the Module name on below of this Webpage.