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zLink’s approach to employee information and move management is based on a process that involves three basic steps: 1) identification of entities to be moved. These may be employees, and/or the related assets; 2) identification of appropriate space to which these employees will be moved; and 3) execution of the move that results in the reallocation of space as indicated on the floor plans and the related database. Our solution provides a capability to exercise each of these steps using a point-and-click interface and graphic visualization based on current floor plans.

Single or a small number of employees can easily be moved using a visual drag and drop capability. The destination of the drop may be located on another floor, in another building, or another facility in a different city. This is made possible by the As-Builts repository at the core of the zLinkFM™ platform. Larger selections of employees may be made by selections in the data grid or by selecting windows of space on the floor plans. The target allocations of space may also be selected using the data grid or visually inspecting the space information on the floor plan.

Distinguishing features of our Employee Information Management solution includes:

  • Executing moves using visual drag and drop in the context of floor plans
  • Searches based on multi-dimensional criteria
  • Creating move projects for large move efforts
  • Implement rule based allocation of space
  • Establishing project lead for managing the move
  • Maintain a history of previous moves
  • Create work orders for executing the move
  • Visual allocation of available space

Optimize the use of real estate resources and manage space utilization. Co-ordinate moves among different organizational entities and task managers. Minimize unproductive downtime and maximize employee satisfaction while optimizing asset utilization.

zLink’s Employee Information Management solution is based on a configuration of these zLinkFM™ Modules:

Employee Information Management solution
  • As-Builts Module
  • Space Module
  • Projects Module
  • Documents
  • Asset Management
  • Real Property
  • Work Order

  • Mobile Platform
  • Web Services
  • Administration Module
  • User Preferences

*Note that zLink, Inc. Business Solutions are customizable and modules can vary to accommodate the individual client needs.
Details about the individual Modules can be found by clicking on the Module name on below of this Webpage.