zLink will focus not only on the data migration and collection process, but also on organizational productivity, improvements in system security and functional integration:

1. Space Management and CAI Mapping.
2. Asset Management and Inventory.
3. Build an electronic library of CAD and PDF Drawings and Documents
4. Host Database on secured server and provide access to the system through the internet.
5. Update and maintain the database changes resulting from on-going projects.

zLink’s software platform zLinkFM, will reduce the time and costs to report, track, and manage assets. zLink will assess how to best enable reporting based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that track life-cycle management, maintenance, use, operations and costs of VARHS’s facilities, space, capital and infrastructure assets.

About zLink, Inc.

zLink, has provided Facility Management (FM) software solutions to its clients for over 25 years. zLink has provided Integrated Facility Management Software solutions to Corporations, Universities, Medical Centers, Federal, and State Government Agencies. The solutions are based on its innovative “space-centric visualization enabling” zLinkFM platform that tightly couples Corporate and Operational data to Facilities Space and GIS maps.