zLink, a leading provider of Integrated Workspace and Facility Management Systems software and services, wins the contract to implement the SpaceManagement software platform (zLinkFM) for San Bernardino County, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC).  The new system will provide functional integration across various business processes based on a common facility information database.  ARMC is focused on optimizing the utilization of facility space and major resources to meet the demands of an expanding workforce.  Major areas include:

  • Integrate facility spatial footprint with all aspects of Space Management
  • Visualize space utilization and location of assets based on floor plans
  • Seamless bi-directional integration with financial management and human capital management systems
  • Facilitate move management based on space inventory and employee requirements
  • Provide a comprehensive asset management ability based on location and condition
  • Schedule automated, customizable reports
  • Easy mobile access for workspace reservations, inventory, work orders, and asset portfolio; and
  • Benchmarking and analytical tools including: asset valuations, performance indicators and metrics

About Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center is a 456 bed University-affiliated world-class health care organization. For more than 20 years, ARMC has provided the people of San Bernardino County with high-quality medical services, meeting the steadily increasing health needs of a growing population.  ARMC is Joint Commission Certified with over 3,500 employees, 400 physicians, and 200 resident physicians.