About OR State Hospital

OR State Hospital (OSH), operating under the auspices of the Oregon Health Authority, provides long-term psychiatric treatment for adults with severe and persistent mental illness who are civilly or criminally committed for treatmentThe hospital has beds for geropsychiatric and medical services for the treatment of civilly committed adultsOSH comprises two sites – Salem Campus and Junction City Campus, employing more than 2,000 staff and serving more than 1,400 people annually. 

The Challenge
OSH faced operational challenges due to disparate systems for work orders, warehouse management, and patient property tracking These siloed systems hindered efficiency, communication, and data visibility across departments.  OSH was seeking to replace their legacy Accruent CMMS system with a commercial off-the-shelf CMMS Solution to address specific challenges: 

  • Work Orders: OSH’s previous work order system, Accruent, lacked drawing integration, making it difficult for technicians to visualize asset locations and troubleshoot issues efficiently. Additionally, Accruent was not a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, limiting accessibility and requiring extensive IT support. 
  • Warehouse: The warehouse operated without a centralized system, relying on manual processes for inventory ordering and tracking This led to inefficiencies, potential for errors, and difficulties in allocating costs accurately to different departments.
  • Patient Property: OSH’s patient property management involved manual processes using Excel spreadsheets and paper forms.  

zLinkFM’s integrated platform broke down data silos, providing management with a holistic view of hospital operations The SaaS model ensured accessibility from anywhere, and the intuitive workflows streamlined processes by presenting users with only the information relevant to their tasks.  

zLink’s cloud based state-of-the-art CMMS provides OSH:

  •  Improved employee productivity through a highly intuitive browser and mobile device-based User Interface.
  •  A common data set accessible “anytime anywhere”
  •  All information visualized based on accurate floor plans
  •  A robust Inventory Warehouse management that includes spare parts and hospital consumable items
  •  An Executive decision-making capability based on an integrated data set to support reports and analysis.

zLinkFM™ implementation included two major technology initiatives to meet Joint Commission requirements:

  1. IoT and sensor based real-time technology to monitor and manage ALL cooling equipment for patient food and medicine storage; and 
  2. Patient Property Inventory Management (PPIM) capability to receive, manage, store, and disburse patient property.  

The zLink implementation has enabled OSH to streamline operations and allow better insights and decision making