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Case Study for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

The Challenge

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) needed to replace their computerized Facilities Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of their ability to deliver a system which integrates assets, maintenance, projects, capital planning, and lease tracking information for 1,000 buildings on 376 properties totaling over 3 million square feet. The challenge was the need to integrate data from disparate existing systems into a new system and add new features to also encompass facilities space management, environmental management, and energy management:

  • Streamline operations.
  • Update and enhance existing processes
  • Expand online access to information
  • Provide more timely and accurate information to all users
  • Provide an accurate and accessible audit trail
  • Improved data collection, analytics & reporting

zLink developed and implemented a CMMS based on their zLinkFM™ platform. In addition, the solution integrates zTask and zCAS mobile apps to give ODOT’s very mobile Facilities Branch field technicians the technology they needed to create, manage, and service work requests, and conduct Condition Assessment inspections.

zLinkFM™ based CMMS integrates ODOT’s asset management, preventive and on-demand maintenance work orders based on a visual space-centric approach. Facility inspection data is integrated to provide a robust capital and maintenance projects development and implementation, capital planning and lease tracking information in an integrated environment. The cloud based implementation allows collaboration across all corporate functions on an “anytime anywhere” basis.

The Capital Planning function uses inspection data from zCAS app to detail planned maintenance projects over the next 10 years and track all planned capital projects over the next 50 years, by priority, to show the funding required per year.

The major outputs of this effort include:

  • Project forecasts for replacements/major renovations.
  • Updates of project costs using Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • Interface between projects and budget forecasts
  • Dynamic updates for planned and completed projects
  • Development and comparison of various planning scenarios; and
  • Rapid access to Capital Budget options, scenarios, and reports.

In addition zLinkFM™ Asset Management modules streamline ODOT tracking:

  • Assets by location.
  • Warranty information by asset
  • Maintenance schedule by asset
  • Replacement schedule by asset and asset life cycle
  • Equipment/building cost information
  • Equipment usage information
  • Updates equipment parts lists from work orders

The maintenance module allows customers to request services through an external mobile app and provides an ability to track those requests through completion. This allows ODOT to streamline operations through a centralized service desk to edit requests and assign service requests to work groups or technicians, accessible on mobile devices, and simultaneously schedule preventative maintenance.

  • Over ten thousand (10,000) Siemens customers can use the portal to view and retrieve the inspection reports of their facilities stored in TAP5 central server
  • Data stored on the server for safe and permanent storage.
  • A common information base allows the management to review metrics across countries and leverage ROI.
  • Huge cost savings are derived by reducing the number of technicians required to complete an inspection using mobile technology.
  • Troubleshooting existing install base remotely reduces the need to fly experts to a site
  • Linking of all devices to drawing, bar-coding, attaching pictures, accessing and visualizing information from anywhere make inspections more efficient
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